Ungendered clothing line by ZARA is about more than clothes

Why This Matters | Carl Dennis | March 11, 2016

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ZARA has made a huge step in gender equality. Just recently, ZARA has released a line of genderless clothing – clothing folks of all genders can share. The new line unveiled sweatpants, jeans, and shirts featuring both male and female models. In many female sections of clothing stores you’ll find “boyfriend jeans,” jeans that are made to look and feel like denim you would snatch out of a boyfriend’s closet. This furthers the gender binary that does not have to exist.

ZARA Ungendered
ZARA Ungendered

There is a much broader discussion amongst, dare I call us millennials, who think and behave differently when it comes to gender conformity. Jaden Smith, a 17 year-old trailblazer in fashion with a personality of his own, is the face of womenswear for Louis Vutton. Smith isn’t the first male to wear stereotypical female clothing. What makes this gender fluidity so magnetic is that this is clearly a man wearing clothes made clearly for women. This “gender bending,” elucidates the importance of gender equality in all forms and spaces, including marketing. Articles are written and debates are had because this fusion of gender binaries is so provocative. While Louis Vutton tries to blur the line, it also participates in the binary to make its point. In April of 2015, Smith captioned an Instagram post, “Went to Toyshop to buy some girl clothes, I mean ‘clothes.'”