Tumblr collaborates on Bibi Bourelly’s “Sally”

The Chili Bowl | Connor Hart | March 1, 2016

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In an unexpected twist, Tumblr users have taken a break from driving that new Damn Daniel video into the ground for a collaborative effort in the form of Bibi Bourellys new DIY music video: “Sally.” You’ll have to find your Shrek memes elsewhere for the time being. (Sorry guys.)

The new video, which pulls audio from Soundcloud and graphics from any Tumblr URL, giving listeners an interactive and personalized experience, comes from the LA-based Master of Shapes. The website allows any user to create a music video of their favorite GIFs, pictures or memes that react in real time to the music. The website also gives users a sample of URLs that work well with the song, my personal favorite was “sallyboo.” Head over here to “start fuckin wit it.”

For those of you who don’t own Doc Martens, Bibi Bourelly is a German born singer-songwriter based out of LA. She has written for the likes of Rihanna (“Bitch Better Have My Money,” “Higher,” “Pose” and “Yeah, I Said It”), Selena Gomez (“Camouflage”), Usher & Nas (“Chains” and Usher’s upcoming new single) and Nick Brewer (“Talk To Me” featuring Bibi Bourelly).

The website allows any user to create a music video of their favorite gifs, pictures, or memes that react in real time to the music.

When it comes to Bourelly’s music, her unpolished sound is something you don’t really hear in someone gaining as much recognition as she is. Her genre is best described on her Facebook page, where it’s cataloged as, “Who still gives a shit about genres?” Bourelly’s song “Ego” showcases her amazing ability to create these slow, yet powerful anthems that make you want do something ballsy and drink tea at the same time. She manages to have a raspy and gutsy singing style while keeping her sound genuine, something most singers on the scene today can only attempt to replicate. “My goal every time I write a song is to sound honest,” she made clear to The FADER. Her music sounds like something you would hear at Starbucks, if Starbucks played decent music.

Artists who push the envelope on visualizing their art like Bourelly are helping move music in the right direction. Don’t be surprised if we start to see other artists take after Bibi in switching up how we envision their songs. Pre-recorded music videos could soon become a thing of the past (thank god).

Cover photo: Track artwork for “Sally”