Trump says favorite book is Bible, clearly hasn’t read...

Semi-Colonial | Tom Smyth | March 22, 2016

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Trump says favorite book is Bible, clearly hasn’t read Harry Potter

VALDOSTA, Ga.– At many of his campaign rallies recently, republican front-runner Donald Trump has repeatedly told crowds that the only book that he likes better than his book, “The Art of the Deal,” is the Bible.

Given these latest remarks from Trump, it has become increasingly clear that he has not yet read the Harry Potter series. This comes as startling news to many who are now beginning to question the judgment and sanity of a man who very well could become President of the United States.

It is fair to say that the Harry Potter books are empirically better than the Bible. The Bible is very boring, whereas the Harry Potter books are full of exciting adventures in the wizarding world. The Harry Potter books are filled with wizards, whereas the Bible only has one. Plus, in the Harry Potter books, the protagonist wins.

It remains unclear whether this recent gaffe will affect Trump’s standing in the polls in any way, but pundits are already saying that this could be the end of the Trump campaign.

Of course, Trump may reverse his stance and say the Harry Potter books are indeed his favorite without actually reading them. This move wouldn’t be out of character for Trump, who hasn’t actually read the Bible either.


This article is satirical in nature.