A philanthropy game changer

Sigma Nu’s community approach to philanthropy

GW Musket | Courtney Buble | April 15, 2016

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12803221_993568627358814_4629070993615166811_nFantasy bracket not work out this season? Patriots destroy your team at the 40-yard line? Still bittersweet over Tom Coughlin’s resignation? Well, if this is the case, then you have a chance to take back your Sunday victories. No need to be “waitin’ all day” because the Sigma Nu Hippo Bowl is Sunday April 24.

The Hippo Bowl is Sigma Nu’s philanthropy for the Washington Humane Society, the only Congressionally funded animal welfare agency in the nation. The tournament will take place on the National Mall, at Constitution and 23rd Street at 11:30 a.m.

Unlike typical Greek philanthropies, the Hippo Bowl is open to all members of the GW community. Any student organization or group of friends can make a team. Jack Kornblatt, philanthropy chair for Sigma Nu, explained, “The more people we engage, the more money we can raise for a good cause.”

Don’t we all want to be Stephen Colbert?

Sigma Nu was inspired for the Hippo Bowl by Kris Hart, the owner of FoBoGro, who has two rescue pets, as well as the impact that FoBo has on the student body at large. The brothers conceptualized the event from this.

So far there are about 25 student organizations confirmed and more to come. Local businesses will be sponsoring the event and donating prizes to winning teams. The brothers are emphasizing how philanthropy is not exclusive to Greek life. Also, animal welfare is something everyone should be passionate about. Logan Kolas, a sophomore in Sigma Nu, has been working diligently to organize the fields in addition to creating an online bracket that everyone can view. With respect to their new approach he stated his fraternity hopes to, “optimize free choice.” It should be noted that the Hippo Bowl is non-tackle (in case you were wary of being jumped on).

Brother Khaled Alfadi described the arduous work that has gone into planning this event. It was definitely a larger undertaking than a typical philanthropy event. “Everything else we’ve worked on has been easy in comparison,” he reflected. He and his brothers are so excited to see the culmination of all their hard work.

Flip not required for the Hippo Bowl.

New brother, Owen Evans, expressed, “As a newly initiated brother it makes me proud that my fraternity is trying to do something innovative and NEW when it comes to philanthropies. Hippo Bowl really highlights the best of what Greek Life and GW can be.”

When asked what’s in his playbook he said, “My personal strategy will be to sit on the bench and not get in anyone’s way.”

So choose your first round draft pick, draw a play and get ready to touchdown. Sign up the event here! Also, be sure to follow @HippoBowl_GW on Twitter and “like” it on Facebook.