The Dose, issue 8: Rival music

The Chili Bowl | Spence Tait | March 6, 2016

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This week, The Dose brings a heaping spoonful of concentrated electronica, tackling everything from D’n’B to Deep House to Trap persuasions. Get weird.

Hudson Mohawke

“Chimes” is a crushing jam that speaks volumes to Hudson’s musical vocabulary. Its unforgiving minimalism makes it hard to even pinpoint the type of venue that would drop it willingly, minus a night at Echostage absolutely rolling face. Other songs like “Scud Books” utilize the trademark foghorn, creating the same lethal quasi-trap, quasi-house clusterfuck that is the Mohawke. For a blast of dystopian futurism via sound, listen below:


Naderi’s remix of “Be Right There” by Diplo and Sleepy Tom is nothing less than a banger. Few things are better than when electronica meets genuinely passionate vocals, and this is a prime example. “Be Right There” is a song that will have even the broodiest kid in the club (hi) flying out of their chair, kickin’ it and killin’ it no holds barred.

De Hofnar

For some chiller deep house, listen to “Zonnestraal” by De Hofnar. It’s another song proving the Germans simply do it best, swooping in with some sax that will put you on a non-stop flight to a spring break frame of mind. Perfect for fans of Klangkarussell and Klingande (also Germans), “Zonnestral” is a deep house classic that you could quickly become obsessed with.

Keys N Krates

Keys N Krates comes flying in on some relentless Drum and Bass with “You Already Know.” The song takes a sick turn towards trappy flavors, creating a project that holds your interest throughout. This jam is perfect for working out or cracking out, but don’t take my word for it. Buckle up:


Thankfully, we can wrap things up with a music video—and an innovative one that shows contemporary electronica is more than fog machines and homogeneous Trap(-City, -World, -Nation) YouTube channels. “Closer” by Lemaitre features the gorgeous vocals of Jennie A. and an upbeat, fresh sound that escapes most go-to genre labels. It’s thick, heavy, and yet friendly and uplifting. Check it out and try to figure it out, knowing this awkward art-house video won’t help you:

Picture courtesy The Guardian

The Dose is The Rival’s curated weekly music injection designed by a student abroad to deliver 100 notable contemporary artists in 5 months. Sticking mainly to the unsung heavy-hitters of 2015, The Dose also includes choice names from this year’s festival lineups and those primed to have impact on 2016. Some selections are simply stumbled-upon treasures. Electronica, hip hop, indie, blues revival, garage rock, and sounds harder to define all collide in a project that aims to capture and emulate the turbulence that is the college experience. For suggestions or feedback, email