The Dose, issue 7: Rival music

The Chili Bowl | Spence Tait | February 28, 2016

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Welcome to week 7! The Dose is back with more music to fill your school-swept souls, this time attempting to curate choices chronologically based on energy. Whether you’re chillin’ these days, dealing with something tough or just hyped to be living the dream, something in here should speak to you.

Here are your names of 2016 for this week:

SG Lewis

Start this week’s installment by listening to “No Less” below for some truly velvety, heart-throb electro-love. The song ebbs and flows with a kind of emotional dark matter, combining John Legend-esque vocals with a thick slow-trance background for some sweet contemporary romance. Lewis has this irresistible melancholic flavor all across his material, meaning songs like “Shivers” and “Warm” are absolutely worth checking out as well.

Michael Christmas

Michael Christmas looks to be the young prince of low-budget hipster hip hop, maintaining a “suburgatory” aesthetic akin to Mac Miller’s early days. The dude is hilarious and apparently easy-going (his album is titled What a Weird Day), but also pushes a message worth taking seriously in “Look Up”. The song is a genre-transcending anthem of hood angst, heaving with hope-as-survival in a way not too dissimilar to Kendrick. Keep an eye on this Christmas, who’s unstoppable genuine persona is bound to take him places.

Cousin Stizz

Shifting gears in a big way, we jump to the other end of the rap spectrum for something way more raw. Cousin Stizz drops “Fresh Prince” in all its aggressive minimalism, flanked by a low-budget music video of cash stacks, Hennessy, and bottom-lip grills. This jam is hard as hell but easy to listen to, with lyrics that irrefutably paint a picture of Stizz’s life. The Boston boy is getting noticed by NOISEY as well as Pigeons and Planes, bound to come up the scene with ferocity.

Eagles of Death Metal

You might know Eagles of Death Metal through their infectious TV ad song “Miss Alissa”. You might know them as the band that was playing at Le Bataclan when it was struck by terrorist tragedy. You might even know them now, just because frontman Jesse Hughe’s is getting attention for some rather ridiculous political statements. But while GW stews in politics, the Dose just wants to promote some nouveau rock n’ roll.

Fronted by a wannabe-cowboy and sidekicked by guitar genius Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal (pictured) make hilarious, upbeat garage rock that does not match its brutal name in any way. Listen to the modern classic that is the lo-fi, high-vibes “Miss Alissa” here (OwOwOw!!!):

Tez Cadey

Finally, Tez Cadey wraps things up this week with “Seve”. The tune is a clinical introduction to the growth of tropical house music, heaving with world sounds and crystal-clean, bouncing synths. Despite a less-than-cerebral video, “Seve” truly is a killer song that embodies the sound of care-free youth. Listen to it below, and check in for more of this exploding sub-genre in future installments.

Picture courtesy NME

The Dose is The Rival’s curated weekly music injection designed by a student abroad to deliver 100 notable contemporary artists in 5 months. Sticking mainly to the unsung heavy-hitters of 2015, The Dose also includes choice names from this year’s festival lineups and those primed to have impact on 2016. Some selections are simply stumbled-upon treasures. Electronica, hip hop, indie, blues revival, garage rock, and sounds harder to define all collide in a project that aims to capture and emulate the turbulence that is the college experience. For suggestions or feedback, email