#SexWeekDoes: Strip clubs

The Chili Bowl | Katherine Biggs | March 5, 2016

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Here’s the predicament: you just aced your Policy Analysis midterm so you want to celebrate but it isn’t Thursday night yet and you’ve already seen Deadpool — twice. Fret no more, I have compiled a list of a few places for you to check out.

Good Guys Club on Wisconsin Avenue has won “Best Strip Club in DC” two years in a row with good reason. This club has a bunch of deals including a Saturday Brunch offer with a decadent menu. Who doesn’t want to eat Belgian waffles while they watch exotic dancing? There’s no cover charge and no minimum.

Next up is The Camelot Showbar. Conveniently located on M Street, this club offers a classy, comfortable, low-profile environment where the entertainment never stops. Visitors have commented that the ladies are not only pretty but nice too. There is no cover charge and they have chocolate cake, so why not?

The Camelot Showbar keeps it classy.

Last up is Royal Palace on the corner of Connecticut and Florida Avenues. Reviewers suggest this one as a good place for first timers. No cover charge and the menu is not too expensive. They offer drink specials pretty frequently, so keep an eye out for that.


Don’t be afraid to take a venture out of the Foggy Bottom bubble and check out your local Gentlemen’s Club — they are not just for gentlemen. Let’s not forget Magic Mike, ladies.


“I’ve thrown up a total of four separate times now from deep-throating a little too deep (call me ambitious). To my surprise, not a single guy was turned off enough to not have me keep going. One guy was even turned on by it and asked if I was into taking it further, to which I almost threw up again.” – Suck It Up, 21

“One time my boyfriend and I wanted to go at it but his roommate was already asleep in his room so we decided to go at it in the bathroom. Except when we started he backed me up into the radiator, which was ON at the time, and burned my ass. Afterwords I had to go around the dorm and find someone who could treat the burn at 1 am, and sat on the couch with a pint of vanilla ice cream held to my ass while my friend laughed at me and searched up what to do. We have since broken up but I still have a burn mark on my butt.” – Permanently Scarred, 18