Submit your wildest, funniest, kinkiest sex confessions

Go fucking nuts.

Guilty Pleasures | Quinn Scanlan | February 23, 2016

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Starting February 28th, The Rival network is devoting an entire week to the juiciest of topics.

It’s sex week, baby.

Get excited. (But not too excited. I mean, you don’t want to poke anyone’s eye out with that thing.) To prepare for our week full of all things sexy, we want you guys to send us your stories that may (or may not) be so sexy. Submit your sex confessions below, anonymously, of course, and we’ll post the best ones at the end of every article next week. Last year, you guys did not disappoint. With over 400 submissions, we had too many good stories to choose from. Let’s do that again.

The one rule we have (besides anonymity) is don’t hold out on us, dude.