SA Announces Acquisition of Marvin Center First Floor

Making Marvin Center what it should be

GW Musket | Matthew Grimo | February 5, 2016

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Imagine in a few years saying, “Hey, let’s hang out in the Marvin Center tonight!” At the moment, that sounds disgusting. Envision what the Marvin Center would have to do in order to bring students back home. The university is on its way in doing so.

The Marvin Center first floor is set to become a student common space, announced earlier this morning by the Student Association at the Board of Trustees meeting.

Built in 1968-70, the original intent of the Marvin Center was to be a dwelling space for student unions and activity. Today, many of us have never seen such a building, other than the fourth floor. Consumed by administrative offices, the Marvin Center has not served its purpose.

Source. Marvin Center, 1971

The first floor of the Marvin Center will be remodeled to contain a “student union” of sorts; a fun, free space for the GW community with amenities to foster community growth.

The George Washington University Student Association is proud to announce that The George Washington University has committed to renovating the First Floor of the Marvin Center.

Posted by Student Association at The George Washington University (SA) on Friday, February 5, 2016

The hope is for the GW Student Union to be similar to other university common spaces, such as Georgetown’s Healy Center.

No further details are currently known.