Profile: Club Field Hockey

GW Musket | Gabriela Goldsmith | April 7, 2016

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The team on their home turf.

At times, GW can feel more like a cluster of conveniently placed apartments rather than students on a college campus living in dorms. It can be hard for new students to find a community here. Fortunately, many young women (and a few men) have been able to find their place with the GW Club Field Hockey team. The team has grown exponentially since barely being able to field a 11 girls to now having over 45 members. The president, Cammie Lonsway, described the community on the field hockey team to be unlike anything she has experienced before. She describes feeling very drawn to the team, “I think that if nothing else, we are bonded by a love for field hockey.” Cammie describes the team dynamic, “you find that most of the girls on the team have personalities that are compatible. We practice, play games, eat dinner, do homework and go out together, as not just a team, but as a group of friends.”

Two years ago, very few people on campus were even aware that GW had a club field hockey team. The “team” was simply a group of students who would get together and scrimmage every once in a while. Now, GW Club Field Hockey has a strong presence on and off campus. Lonsway commented, “athletes always put in their best effort and I think this notion multiples to positively impact GW.” GW Field Hockey members can be seen proudly wearing their field hockey gear all around campus. GW Field Hockey not only engages in social events, the team also does community service around D.C. throughout the year. Similarly, the field hockey team always has a presence at student organization fairs and events to try to recruit new members and get the word out about the team.

The field hockey team has the potential to become an even larger presence on GW’s campus. The team holds bonding activities and social events so the players can get to know each other off the field rather than strictly viewing each other as teammates. This fosters a community of friendship and support that extends far beyond that of a normal team.

The future for the field hockey team is bright; the team is composed of motivated, dynamic players who are passionate about the game and fuel the team’s unique community.

Cammie hopes to see field hockey become even more established on GW’s campus. In order for the team to grow, she “would like to see bigger freshman classes to that we can have official tryouts as well as a stronger team commitment from the members.”

11988349_920286304703318_2320580190189890241_nCurrently, there are many serious, talented players on the field hockey team; however, Lonsway hopes to form a varsity team on campus in the future as “it will be an opportunity for the girls who are very serious about field hockey to step up and those who just love to play for fun to continue doing that on the club team.” GW Club Field Hockey has provided a wonderful community for so many students on campus. The team is incredibly inclusive and offers a team experience like no other. Fhock with them, if you can!

The Rival at GW would like to thank GW Club Field Hockey for their cooperation.