Nominate GW’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette

Guilty Pleasures | Quinn Scanlan | March 29, 2016

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Next week, between April 3 and April 9, The Rival at GW, along with the rest of The Rival Network, is dedicating the entire week to profiles about GW students and faculty. Guilty Pleasures writer Wynn Hollis came up with the brilliant idea to interview GW’s most eligible bachelor. Given we at The Rival think gender equality is pretty tight, we also decided we need to interview GW’s most eligible bachelorette. The only problem is, who the hell are GW’s most swoon-worthy students?

That’s where you all come in. We want to know who you think are GW’s most eligible. In the Google form below, submit your nominations for GW’s bachelor and/or bachelorette. The nominations will close Thursday night at midnight, so get them in now. The only hard rule we have for the nominations is that the person nominated is SINGLE. Besides that, please don’t nominate someone whom you know will not want to be interviewed/photographed. Also, be mindful to fill out all three questions for the given nomination! You do not have to nominate both a bachelor and a bachelorette.

In addition to just submitting their name, we want you to tell us a little about the person (year, hometown, major, favorite burger place, etc.) and then tell us why that person deserves to be chosen (i.e. why this person is so fantastic that’s it’s amazing someone hasn’t snatched him or her up yet). Be thoughtful, funny and unique, so your nominations have the greatest chance of being chosen. Nominations with one sentence reasoning won’t be considered as heavily. We’ll do some social media stalking ourselves, but your answers are going to have the biggest impact, so don’t half-ass them (but do have fun with them – this isn’t meant to be taken super seriously). We’ll reach out to our chosen winners on Friday for an interview for an article to be published sometime next week.

What makes the perfect bachelor/bachelorette, you ask? Obviously, attractiveness is a factor, but we’re looking for well-rounded, fun, ambitious people who answer text messages right away and are reliable likes on Instagram.

So have it, GW. Entertain us. Make this choice difficult. Tell us why this person is such a catch. (And keep in mind it’s totally anonymous, so if you think you’re hot shit, you can nominate yourself and we’ll have no fucking idea.)