Swiping my way to dates: Tinder

Guilty Pleasures | Juliet Muir | April 12, 2016

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So as you may or may not remember, I did a review of all the dating apps in the world (well, most of them), and now my phone reminds me twice a day how single I am. As a part of my project, I’m going on dates with people who asked me out on said apps, and, well, so far it’s been interesting.

What better way to kick off the reviews than by starting with the one that started it all: Tinder.

I ended up talking to this dude – let’s call him Ryan because he reminded me of Ryan Sheckler (#TBT when I thought Ryan Sheckler was the love of my life). So, yeah, I was excited to live out my middle school dreams.

Ryan is a 23 year old Canadian working in the District. Pretty normal yo pro…so it seemed. We talked for a couple of weeks before he asked to meet up. He seemed smart and was interested in news, so, as a journalism major, I got good vibes from the kid.

My friends were worried I might get murdered, so bless the Find My Friends app; I was being watched like a hawk by at least four people at a time.

He seemed normal at first, and this was the first blind-ish date I’ve ever been on, so I was amped on nerves. Also he was a working adult so ~bye silly college boys~ ya know?

He took me out for drinks at a local bar and was pretty easy to talk to. What threw me off was just how stereotypically Canadian he was. He legitimately said “eh” every sentence, and he talked about how much he loves Canada for the majority of the night. It wasn’t a bad thing necessarily, but I could not stop thinking about Canada.

The Highs:

He was so nice, it kind of hurt. He was a gentleman and he was kind and I didn’t feel as though my life was being threatened at any point – definitely a plus. Also, it wasn’t the classic Tinder date of hit it and quit it. He was so nice, he hugged me at the end of the date and sent a follow-up text when he got home. THIS KID WAS CLASS.

The Lows:

Ryan spoke at a volume that was four notches above room level. It felt like I was being yelled at by someone two feet in front of me. I kept getting stared at by everyone else at the bar. At one point I was feeling a little chilly, and the kid told me it was his dream to pull a Ryan Gosling – be romantic, and let a girl wear his shirt. Sir, we are in public, so no. Also, classic Canadian wanting to be like Ryan Gosling. Also, what does that reference even mean? Back to the hug, though. Yes, it was a high, but it was also a low. He hugged me at the end of a pretty good date, so I didn’t get to feel like I made out with Ryan Sheckler. Lastly, I wanted to punch a moose the 957th time he said “eh” – but that might just be the part of me that’s bitter I got hugged.

Overall, I would give my Tinder date experience three and a half stars. I got to drink and have a fairly good, yet uncomfortably loud, conversation with a nice Canadian.