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Official Shit | Carl Dennis | February 11, 2016

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How to Submit a Letter to The Rival

Rarely does an article gain the absolute favor of our audience for the simple reason that it’s impossible to please everyone. At other times, we gain a vast majority of support for the work we do. We call ourselves the “student voice.” Not everyone believes that, but not everyone believes in climate change either. It is no secret that GW students possess and exercise a diverse range of substantive opinions. We would like to hear those well-argued opinions and thoughtful reflections.

Letters should: (1) be no more than 200 words, (2) refer to an article that was published within the last seven days, (3) include the writer’s name. We reserve the right to editorial discretion to make your response shine as best it can.

To send a letter to The Rival at GW submit your piece to this email: gwu@readtherival.com


Carl Dennis

Director of Communications