TEDx Profiles: the Photojournalist

Harrison Jones takes on DC through the lens of a camera

GW Musket | Raman Mama | April 22, 2016

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President Obama at the Medal of Honor ceremony in the East Room of the White House.

Take a look at the oeuvre of GW freshman Harrison Jones and you’ll see a diverse portrayal of life in Washington DC. From contemplative depictions of the monuments to stunning portrayals of nature, Harrison has done an amazing job of sharing the scenes we might not necessarily have a chance to otherwise observe.

This Saturday at the TedxFoggyBottom 2016, Jones will speak about his life as a photojournalist in front of a crowd of students, faculty and staff from the university, in addition to members of the Foggy Bottom neighborhood. He’ll be joined by an array of other notable personalities, including a decorated veteran, a cardiovascular researcher, as well as an anthropologist.

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A rainbow over the Washington Monument.

Harrison has been shooting photos for a long time. He began taking photos at age 10 with a point and shoot camera, and developed a deeply rooted passion that has stuck with him ever since. “Ever since then, it has been my life.”

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GW Men’s Basketball player Kevin Larsen prepares for a big game.

When Harrison was in high school, he shot photos for his school’s prom, which came out very well. Not long after, his local newspaper got a hold of them, and asked him if he was interested in working as a photographer for them. “That moment really changed everything… I started considering myself a photojournalist,” explained Harrison.

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This photo by Harrison received over four million views.

Since then, his photojournalism has taken him on some interesting adventures. He is now a correspondent for USA Today, in addition to working as a freelance photojournalist for The Evening Sun and the York Daily Record. Harrison has been asked to shoot photos of fires in the city, sporting events, and even crime scenes, with some of his work having been featured on Good Morning America, ABC World News, and the Today show, among others.

Behind each and every one of Harrison’s photos lies a more complex story than meets the eyes. Some of his scenes are chaotic, and others are peaceful. However, not every photo he takes is so straightforward. In order to add some context to his photos, he adds captions for readers. “To have a few words under an image is one of the most powerful things you can do,” he explained.

“There’s a certain sense to a moment… there’s so much more to be experienced than just the visuality of it.”

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President Obama awards Edwards Byers the Medal of Honor.

Harrison’s photography has even taken him to the White House. He goes through security lines with regularity now, and has had a chance to brush shoulders with several of the nation’s most prominent individuals, including one of his childhood heroes, Bill Nye.

Be sure to catch him this Saturday at TedxFoggyBottom, and you’ll get a chance to hear firsthand how one of DC’s most promising young photojournalists captures the city, one frame at a time.