And GW’s most eligible bachelorette is…

Guilty Pleasures | Connor Hart | April 7, 2016

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Giggling while explaining her complex identification with “Broad City” stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, it’s easy to believe Abby when she describes herself as “unapologetically herself.” Abby Godard, a junior studying political science hailing from Upper Arlington, Ohio, is the quintessential GW gal: intelligent, ambitious, witty and gorgeous.

Just look at her hair blowing in the wind. | Photo by Quinn Scanlan

She is the very embodiment of “work hard, play hard,” just as comfortable at a darty as she is writing a paper about campaign finance reform for the Obama Administration (yes, you read that correctly – OBAMA). Abby’s nomination described her as a “die-hard liberal with Midwestern values,” a statement that anyone who’s had the pleasure to meet her can certainly attest to. It is for these reasons, and more, that she has been chosen to be GW’s most eligible bachelorette.

When Abby is not assisting our commander-in-chief at her White House internship, she’s binge-watching House of Cards, doing some yoga or just being generally adorable. When asked if she is more Claire or Frank Underwood, Abby answered, without skipping a beat, “Claire. I’m obsessed with her.” Abby’s ambition shined through when asked if she preferred Sign Tuesdays or wine Wednesdays, to which she replied “both.” (She’s a girl that wants it all, guys.)

Abby is also a steadfast liberal, citing John F. Kennedy when asked what president alive or dead she would most like to date. When it comes to her future, Abby has her shit together.

George is one lucky guy. | Photo by Quinn Scanlan

“I want to work in policy, with girl’s education in underdeveloped countries, most likely in the Middle East,” she said, “That’s big goals, though. I would also be happy being a yoga instructor at some resort. I guess I need to find a happy medium.” What’s better than a health-conscious girl who wants to incite social change in the world? (Nothing.)

I know what you’re thinking: when can I take this girl out? First, there are some things you need to know. Abby has a somewhat expensive taste. Her Chipotle order always includes guac, and yes, she knows it extra. She has also been known to spend more than 10 dollars on a bottle of wine, a feat many college students can only dream of. She cites her favorite restaurant as Oyamel in Judiciary Square. “The ceviche is amazing and I always get a sea foam Margarita,” she told me. (You should be writing this down, guys).

That smile, doe. | Photo by Quinn Scanlan

Being an ex-sorority sister (R.I.P. Delta Gamma), she prefers frat guys to athletes (sorry, fellow athletes). Her celebrity crush is a tie between Joe Biden and DJ Khaled, obviously. When asked what the first thing that catches her eye when it comes to guys, her answer was simple: confidence. Abby also loves brunch. Her ideal date would start out with brunch and eventually end up at the monuments (how #onlyatGW of her). Unsurprisingly, her ideal Sunday would start with – you guessed it – brunch. Honestly, the key to this girl’s heart is some pancakes and bottomless Bloody Marys.

When I asked Abby how she wants to be remembered after she graduates, she answered, “Basically just a nice, genuine person, that doesn’t take life too seriously and is passionate about making a social impact,” to which I replied “Damn.”

For any guy who thinks they have it takes, Abby is currently searching for the Frank to her Claire Underwood.