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GW Musket | Jazmyn Strode | April 8, 2016

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#Throwback to a month ago when this guy got the most votes out of anyone in the Columbian College Senate election. Devan Cole is the membership and events chair for GW’s Black Student Union, president-elect of GW’s Association of Black Journalists, and basically an all around over-achiever – except I did get a better grade than him on our research methods midterm (…slightly irrelevant here).

Devan Cole | Photo by Ali Oxner

You’ve entrusted him to make the tough decisions that could affect your GW experience, so now you should trust his top DC picks (which can also affect your GW experience). Basically, just let Devan guide your GW experience. Here are some favs from the guy you overwhelmingly elected.

FAVORITE MUSEUM: “My favorite DC museum is the Smithsonian Museum of American History, specifically the First Ladies’ exhibit because I like to see how fashion has changed through the years. However, I am certain that the African American Museum of History and Culture will be my favorite when it opens in September.”

CAPTAIN COOKIE COOKIE SANDWICH COMPONENTS: “I’m pretty basic, so chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream – but if I’m feelin’ special and extra good about myself, I substitute vanilla for butter pecan.”

BEST BRUNCH: “Hands down, Georgia Brown’s. Or Sette Osteria. Or The Hamilton. Hands down.”

Hands down, one of those three.

SWEETGREEN SALAD OF CHOICE: “Kale Caesar because the chicken is warmed up – and that shit is a major key – and the little chips — I don’t know what they are exactly…”

BEST OFF-CAMPUS STUDY SPOT: “I’m going to say Capitol Hill Starbucks. The upstairs part is really chill, and I usually get a lot of work done there. Plus, who doesn’t love a reason to go to Capitol Hill?”


Right answer.

NEIGHBORHOOD #GOALS: “Capitol Hill is actually my favorite place, but since I already mentioned that, I also love the U Street Corridor/Shaw. [As] a lover of black DC history, these neighborhoods serve as special remnants of the former DC – before gentrification, but I digress.”

REGULAR OR REVERSE HAPPY HOUR: “Reverse because there are fewer yuppies — I don’t get asked where I worked and/or how much I make every five minutes.”

WORST PLACE EVER: “The White House when it’s being swarmed by rising high school students clad in matching t-shirts.”

The absolute worst.

BEST PLACE EVER: “Georgetown on payday.”

SUNRISE OR SUNSET MONUMENTS: “Sunset at the Jefferson is probably the prettiest thing I’ve seen in D.C. Thomas Jefferson as a person on the other hand…”

Cover photo courtesy of Devan Cole.