Maggie May

  • TEDx Profiles: The anthropologist

    "How do cultures of science initiate and shape participants? How can we critically assess universalist claims about scientific and military 'truths'? How do scient

  • Profile: Brotherly love

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  • Community Voices - The 2016 SA Election Debate

    The 2016 Student Association (SA) Election Debate started out well. Joe Vogel hosted four media panelists, representing WRGW, The Hatchet, GWTV, and a particularly gorg

  • More BANG for your buck

    Nobody wants to pay for sex. When it comes down to doing the do, everybody wants it to be as non-complicated as possible. So why put your hard-earned dollars (or your b

  • Study abroad, don't stress out

    Around this time last year, I started my application to study abroad in Ireland. To put it frankly, I had no idea what I was doing. Now that I’m back and my liver is starting to rec

  • Creative writing is being written off

    I am not on campus. I’m currently typing this from a dorm room in Limerick, Ireland, putting aside an English paper to complain again about GW’s budget cuts. I’m not even there