Becky Gardner

Writer, Why This Matters | ESIA

“I'm so. freakin. excited.”

  • Weird shit you never knew about the people on U.S. money

    When the Secretary of the Treasury announced that Andrew Jackson would be replaced by Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, he was met with mixed reactions from the American public. While most people agree

  • GW Professor is skeptical of Obama's Cuba initiative

    "My parents were initially enthusiastic supporters of Castro and the hope he represented, but as it became clearer that Cuba was moving toward a communist dictatorship, they grew disillusioned wit

  • We took President Obama for granted

    After 8 years, President Obama is preparing to leave the Oval Office. College students across the country are dying to cast their votes- many voting for the first time. Unbeknownst to your aggressi

  • Hamilton is making history

    Your theater friend is flipping her shit about Alexander Hamilton. This is why you should care: Over 75% of the roles on Broadway are filled by white actors. Talented people of color are auditionin

  • Homelessness has become background noise

    "Change for the homeless?" The irony of this question resonates with me. The woman who sits on a crate outside of Whole Foods doesn’t ask for cash. She needs more than cash; she needs c