To speak the language of GW students, to change the meaning of campus journalism, and to make you think, laugh, and think again.

Contributions: Articles from you!

Official Shit: Rival news and updates.

The Chili Bowl: Tackle the happenings and pop culture of GW and the greater District

GW Musket: Take GW’s news and make it interesting.

Guilty Pleasures: Sex, relationships and the shit we can ALL relate to.

Semi-Colonial: Satire, because laughing about the world is easier than trying to fix it.

Why This Matters: Stories you didn’t know deserved your attention.




Carl Dennis

Director of Communications | CCAS

I sing the body electric

Quinn Scanlan

Director of Content | SMPA

Coat racks aren’t for babies!

Spencer Tait

Editor, The Chili Bowl | CCAS

Life’s too short to be average

Rohan Lewis

Editor, Why This Matters | ESIA

Steamed pork buns.

Cooper Patterson

Editor, Semi-Colonial | CCAS

Jesus: a brown skinned social

Anthony Nguyen

Editor, GW Musket | CCAS

I get lost a lot

Ally Barbaro

Writer, Guilty Pleasures | ESIA

Fat guy in a little coat

Clare Platt

Writer, Why This Matters | ESIA

“No.” - Rosa Parks

Clara Hong

Social Media Manager | CCAS

Fetty’s Snap Queen

Halley Brown

Social Media Manager | SMPA

13th member of Taylor Swift’s

Noa Levin

Social Media Manager | CCAS

Born. And. Bread.

Alex Jivov

Writer, The Chili Bowl | ESIA

Big Canadian in a small world

Anish Anandaram

Writer, Why This Matters | ESIA

#Anandaram Charm

Connor Hart

Writer, Guilty Pleasures | GWSB

Pretty wise

Jon Rodriguez

Writer, Guilty Pleasures | CCAS

I been A1 since day 1

Courtney Buble

Writer, GW Musket | CCAS

Enthusiast of books and coffee

Elissa Núñez

Writer, Why This Matters | SMPA

Low-key Beyoncé

Eric Abramson

Writer, Semi-Colonial | CCAS

Where’s my epipen?

Erin McGeoy

Writer, The Chilli Bowl | GWSB

Cheese enthusiast

Juliet Muir

Writer, Guilty Pleasures | SMPA

peanut butter vibes

Lisa Ren

Writer, The Chili Bowl | ESIA

A writer that loves puns

Madison Yerke

Writer, Guilty Pleasures | CCAS

Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Pearl Kravets

Writer, Semi-Colonial | CCAS

I’m probably napping right no

Perrin Brown

Writer, Why This Matters | ESIA

Made in America

Rafael Hernandez

Writer, Why This Matters | CCAS

Thankfully, very Spanish

Ryan Levandowski

Writer, Semi-Colonial | CCAS

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Sam Parker

Writer, Why This Matters | ESIA

Potentially concerning person

Shaurya Dimri

Writer, Guilty Pleasures | CCAS

Been told I look like my dog

Tom Smyth

Writer, Semi-Colonial | SMPA

Smyth not Smith

Ty Bofferding

Writer, GW Musket | ESIA

So I write it & people care?

Wynn Hollis

Writer, Guilty Pleasures | CCAS


Tyler Delhees

Writer, Why This Matters | ESIA


Alexis Pracar

Writer, Semi-Colonial | CCAS

Easy, breezy, contrarian

Audrey Whitehurst

Writer, Semi-Colonial | CCAS

OK face, below avg personality

Matthew Grimo

Writer, Semi-Colonial | CCAS

Sometimes funny, always hungry

Raman Mama

Writer, GW Musket | ESIA

Sleeping with the TV on

Katherine Biggs

Writer, The Chili Bowl |

Becky Gardner

Writer, Why This Matters | ESIA

I'm so. freakin. excited.

Braden Domier

Writer, The Chili Bowl | CCAS

Mello Yello Brand Ambassador


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The Rival was created in 2014 as a response to filtered and outdated traditional campus publications. In just a year The Rival grew to a staff of 50 students, received nearly half a million page views, and placed fourth in the largest collegiate business plan competition in the country. Now, The Rival is revolutionizing student news and entertainment by connecting colleges and student voices across schools like never before. Formerly DC-based, the Rival’s multi-campus expansion now allows students all over the country to speak freely about their student experiences and college culture, explore creative styles, and share ideas in a whole new way.