Coddled or empowered? A student survey

Official Shit | The Rival | April 4, 2016

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Given everything that happened last week with Action Bronson, we know GW students have opinions on safe spaces, trigger warning and the overall “coddling” of our generation. NBC Washington, in a partnership with a class of seniors and graduate students at American University, wants our thoughts. Read below and fill out the survey at the bottom of the article.

Much has been written about millennials, especially millenials in college. Most
recently, they’re charged with being coddled; they lean on made-up things like safe
spaces and trigger warning to insulate themselves from dissenting opinion. Sometimes, they even drive speakers they don’t like away from their campus.

Of course, the students who support those things see them differently. Everyone should be able to be comfortable in their day-to-day lives, whether that means having spaces they can go to where they can be safe, or if they want to avoid things that remind them of trauma they’ve faced in the past. It’s their right to protest who their university spends tuition to bring to campus, and if that speaker takes the hint, well that’s just fine. What do you think? Take this (anonymous) survey, conducted as part of a partnership with NBC Washington, and make your voice heard!