Make awkward study groups a thing of the past

The Chili Bowl | Katherine Biggs | March 1, 2016

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With midterms fast approaching, Gelman is getting more and more crowded. Study rooms are booked up for the next three weeks so students cramming have no where to go. Enter Sesh Tutoring, the up and coming new app to solve all of your study woes.

Created by two university students: Zach Saraf (Stanford) and Daniel Rossett (Vanderbilt). After noticing the lack of effective tutoring outlets, especially for university specific sources, available on campus. They designed the app to connect struggling students with peers that had previously done well in the class they are having trouble in. GW just became the third school to begin Sesh’s expansion. Fraternity brothers, Max Jungreis and Ethan Choy, reached out to Sesh’s co-founders and can be credited with the app’s rapid expansion on GW’s campus.

To ensure that tutors are qualified, they must submit a transcript to Sesh Tutoring’s website and meet the required GPA. After downloading the app on iTunes, students are able to schedule a tutoring session (“sesh”) using GW email. Everything is handled through app’s easily-navigable interface. Even the payment, $25 per hour for students, is done through the app. (Tutors are paid $20 an hour for their services)unnamed-2

But what if you can’t afford the $25+ a pop for each sesh? No problem! There is a feature that connects students working on the same assignment. Sesh now allows all GW students to connect with fellow classmates. Students can now form study groups, which they might not have been able to form, through the app’s chat rooms. Choy mentioned how helpful the app was in bringing his Macroeconomics classmates together to study before the midterm, gushing that “Sesh makes studying that much easier.”

unnamedSo don’t stress out or feel hopeless when trying to study for your midterms, because Sesh has got your back. Though only currently available on iOS devices, there are talks of expanding its online and Android presence this coming fall.